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Meet the Helpful Home Advice Team

Our mission is simple: to provide homeowners with authoritative and insightful advice for any house or garden project they dream of tackling. We assembled a team of professionals with decades of combined experience as contractors, horticulturalists, decorators and DIY enthusiasts. Together, we aim to inspire confidence and share our secrets in home improvement.  


Between our team members, we have over 10+ collective years of experience in contracting, decorating, horticulture, and hands-on home improvement. We provide advice you can trust from those who have spent their careers helping clients achieve their goals.


We explain complex ideas and projects in an easy to understand style. Our step-by-step tutorials break down exactly what you need to get started and accomplish your home tasks with success. 

Comprehensive Support

With experts in decorating, gardening, DIY renovation, maintenance, and more – we offer homeowners help with all aspects of homeownership from basic upkeep to major remodels. If you have a question or are envisioning an upgrade, our team likely has the answers and can provide tailored guidance for your needs.

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Our Team


Jillian Thoms

Senior Editor


Mark Spencer

Senior Editor


Eva Gardner

Gardening Guru


Tom Andrews

Home Maintenance Pro

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If you are a knowledgeable professional with a knack for simplifying complex ideas or have industry experience you’re eager to share with readers, we invite you to become a Helpful Home Advice Guest Author.  

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