Discover the Best Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Golden Chopsticks

Indulge in authentic Chinese cuisine at Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant. Experience traditional ambiance and a wide range of delectable dishes, including dim sum and signature tea and desserts.

Indulge in the Flavors of the Orient

Welcome to Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant where you can embark on an authentic Chinese culinary adventure. We offer a variety of classic dishes from different regions of China, allowing you to discover the diverse flavors of oriental cuisine.

Dig into our signature Sichuan Kung Pao Chicken, with chili peppers and peanuts giving it a bold kick, or our mild Cantonese Sweet and Sour Pork with pineapple and bell peppers. Seafood lovers can enjoy Salt and Pepper Squid, a popular Taiwanese dish, or Black Bean Clams, a scrumptious fusion of Chinese and Portuguese flavors in Macao.

Experience the art of dim sum, a variety of small bite-sized portions traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Savor delicacies such as Har Gow dumplings, Cheung Fun rice noodle rolls, and Char Siu Bao roasted pork buns, perfect for sharing and snacking any time of day.

To complete your culinary adventure, pair your meal with premium Chinese teas like fragrant Jasmine tea or robust Oolong tea. End on a sweet note with classic desserts such as crispy banana fritters, mango pudding or our signature fried ice cream, guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Let the exciting flavors of the orient whisk you away to the Far East, only at Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant!

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Experience the Ambiance of a Traditional Chinese Restaurant

Step into Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant and immerse yourself in the ambiance of an authentic Chinese dining experience. Our restaurant is decorated in a traditional Chinese style with intricate details that will transport you to the Far East.

The moment you walk through our doors, you are greeted by the glow of red lanterns and melodic Chinese instrumental music.The walls feature traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy, as well as cherry wood panels and accents. Oriental rugs, porcelain vases and a stone garden complete the traditional ambiance.

At the heart of our restaurant lies an open concept kitchen where you can observe our chefs demonstrating their culinary skills with flair and precision. Watch as they toss woks over roaring flames, skillfully wrap dumplings, and deftly carve Peking duck and other delicacies. The open kitchen brings excitement and entertainment to any dining occasion.

For private dining, we offer traditional tea rooms decorated in styles ranging from minimalist Zen to opulent Tang dynasty.Host an intimate gathering for family and friends or a large celebration in our lavishly decorated imperial banquet hall, featuring majestic chandeliers and hand-painted wall motifs.

Table 1: Teahouse Styles

ZenSimplicity, balance, harmony. Neutral tones, wood/stone accents.
TangOpulence, grandeur. Bold red/gold color scheme, silk fabrics, ornate wood carvings.

In addition to visual decor,we provide other sensory treats to complete your immersion in Chinese culture. Listen to the soft sounds of guzheng music. Breathe in the aromatic scents of sandalwood incense and premium oolong teas. Handle the smooth texture of ceramic teacups and lacquer chopsticks.

With exquisite ambiance and multimedia stimulation of your senses, Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant offers an unparalleled traditional Chinese dining experience found nowhere else. Make your reservation now to soak in the oriental splendor and cherish every moment of this cultural immersion. Our team eagerly awaits your visit!

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Explore a Wide Range of Delectable Chinese Dishes

Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant offers an extensive menu of classic Chinese dishes to suit every palate. Our menu spans culinary traditions from Sichuan to Shandong, presenting unique flavors from each region of China. Whether you crave the bold spices of the west, the fresh seafood of the east or the comforting home-style dishes of the north, we have something to satisfy your appetite for adventure.

For those who dare, try our house specialty Kung Pao Chicken , a signature Sichuan dish of diced chicken, peanuts, vegetables and chili peppers wok-fried in a spicy oil. The Mapo Tofu, another popular Sichuan staple, features braised tofu and ground pork in a fiery chili oil sauce. Adventure seekers can also sample the Szechuan Twice Cooked Pork, with pork belly stir-fried in chili garlic sauce.

Seafood lovers can delight in eastern specialties like Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish, fresh fish fillets fried and served in a tangy vinegar sauce. The popular Salt and Pepper Squid features crispy fried squid tossed in a mixture of garlic, scallions and chili peppers. Shellfish aficionados will relish dishes like Black Bean Clams, clams stir-fried in a savory fermented black bean sauce.

For a comforting taste of home, try northern favorites such as Kung Pao Chicken , diced chicken with vegetables wok-fried in a savory sauce with peanuts. Mongolian Beef features stir-fried beef with scallions in a hearty brown sauce. Broccoli Beef with Garlic Sauce is a classic Chinese takeout dish of beef, broccoli and garlic in a savory brown sauce.

Table 2: Dish Origins

Kung Pao ChickenSichuanSpicy, peanuts, chili peppers
Mapo TofuSichuanSpicy, chili oil, ground pork
Sweet and Sour Mandarin FishJiangsuSweet and tangy vinegar sauce
Salt and Pepper SquidFujianCrispy fried squid, garlic, chili
Black Bean ClamsGuangdongSavory fermented black bean sauce
Mongolian BeefNorthern ChinaHearty brown sauce, scallions

With dishes from all over China, Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the diverse flavors of Chinese cuisine. Come embark on a culinary adventure and tantalize your taste buds with the finest selections of authentic Chinese fare! Our menu awaits your discovery.

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Unwind with Our Delicious Dim Sum Selection

At Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant, we offer an array of delectable dim sum delicacies to unwind with family and friends. Dim sum, which means “to touch the heart,” originated in Guangzhou, China. It consists of small bite-sized portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Our dim sum menu is available daily during lunch, from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Steamed dishes are a popular dim sum selection. Savor the plump shrimp in our Har Gow, a classic steamed dumpling made of translucent rice flour dough. The Siew Mai features an open-topped dumpling made of shrimp and pork. For steamed buns, try the Char Siu Bao, filled with barbecued pork, or the Custard Bao, a sweet treat filled with egg custard.

If you prefer fried fare, indulge in our Fried Dumplings or Fried Shrimp Wontons, crispy dumplings fried to golden perfection and served with a side of chili sauce for dipping. Another favorite is the Cheung Fun, wide rice noodle rolls wrapped around shrimp or barbecued pork. We also offer Spring Rolls stuffed with assorted shredded vegetables and meat.

Table 3: Popular Dim Sum Selections

Har GowSteamed dumplingTranslucent rice flour dough, shrimp filling
Siew MaiSteamed dumplingShrimp and pork filling, open topped
Char Siu BaoSteamed bunFilled with barbecued pork
Custard BaoSteamed bunSweet egg custard filling
Fried DumplingsFried dumplingGround pork and vegetable filling, pan-fried
Cheung FunRice noodle rollShrimp or barbecued pork filling, wrapped in rice noodles
Spring RollsFried rollShredded vegetable and meat filling, wrapped in wheat pastry

In addition, we offer a variety of savory dishes like Beef Balls, Pork Spareribs and Chicken Feet to satisfy hearty appetites. For a sweet finish, the Mango Pudding and Egg Tarts make for perfect petite desserts to share. Our friendly servers make their rounds frequently with steaming baskets and trolleys, allowing you to handpick dishes at your leisure.

Spend a relaxing afternoon indulging in delicious bite-sized delicacies from our extensive dim sum menu. There’s no better way to bring family and friends together than over a delightful dim sum feast at Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant! Come unwind with us and savor the flavors of our delightful dim sum.

Enjoy Our Signature Chinese Tea and Desserts

Meals at Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant would not be complete without our signature Chinese teas and decadent desserts. Accompany your culinary adventure with premium teas sourced from China’s most renowned tea-growing regions. Savor classic desserts with an Asian twist, made in-house from the finest ingredients to delight your taste buds.

Steep in the fragrant flavors of our Oolong or Pu’er teas from Fujian and Yunnan provinces. The amber tones and earthy yet delicate notes of our premium fermented Pu’er pairs exceptionally well with our savory dishes. For a touch of sweetness, our premium Jasmine tea, infused with nightly blooming jasmine flowers from Guangdong, complements both savory fare and lighter desserts.

Indulge your sweet tooth with our signature Fried Ice Cream, a tempting treat of French vanilla ice cream wrapped in a crispy fried shell. Another favorite is the Crispy Banana Fritters, banana chunks in a light batter, fried to perfection and drizzled with a decadent palm sugar syrup. For a refreshing option, the Mango Pudding is a chilled mango puree custard, a perfect finale to any meal.

Table 4: Premium Teas and Decadent Desserts

Pu’er TeaYunnanFermented, earthy, aged
Oolong TeaFujianFloral, fragrant
Jasmine TeaGuangdongGreen tea infused with jasmine blossoms
Fried Ice CreamChinese-Western fusionFrench vanilla ice cream coated in a crispy fried shell
Crispy Banana FrittersChinese-Western fusionBanana chunks fried in a light batter, topped with palm sugar syrup
Mango PuddingCantoneseChilled mango custard

Allow us to tempt you with our delectable Chinese desserts and finest premium teas. Savor each bite and sip as you unwind in our lavish oriental setting. Our attentive servers will gladly provide recommendations on flavor pairings to enhance your culinary experience.

From the first aroma of jasmine tea to the last morsel of fried ice cream, Golden Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant aims to delight you with Chinese teas and desserts as memorable as our authentic cuisine. Conclude your Far Eastern feast on a blissful sweet note of crispy treats, chilled custards and fragrant brews. A perfect ending to a perfect meal!

Come discover Chinese teas and desserts at their best. We cordially invite you to enjoy our signature selection. Your taste buds will surely thank you!

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