10 Best Marylin Monroe Companion Plants And 3 Avoid: Expert Tips

Discover the allure of Marilyn Monroe companion plants. Learn how to choose the perfect ones and explore the top 10 options for a vibrant garden. Avoid these 3 plants that don't pair well with Marilyn Monroe. A must-read for botanical enthusiasts. #marylinmonroecompanionplants

The Timeless Beauty of Marilyn Monroe Companion Plants

Marilyn Monroe companion plants are vibrant companions that complement Monroe’s golden and soft pink hues. Flowers like pinks, lavender and daffodils highlight her beauty.
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How to Choose the Perfect Marilyn Monroe Companion Plants

When selecting Marilyn Monroe companion plants, there are several factors to consider to ensure they complement each other beautifully in the garden.

The most important thing is to match similar characteristics like:

  • Season: Companion plants should bloom at the same time and die back together in fall. This ensures the colors and forms harmonize during the peak bloom season.

  • Habit: Choose plants with similar growth habits that will mature at a comparable rate. For example, choose perennials to plant with Monroe perennials.

  • Color: Select plants with colors that complement Monroe’s soft yellow and pink hues. Colors like lavender, white and pale blues work well. Avoid competing dark or bright colors.

  • Texture: Pair Monroe with plants that have similar leaf textures. Delicate, fine-textured plants like lavender match well, while coarse-textured plants like hosta tend to clash.

  • Height: For a balanced border, choose companions that will grow to be around the same mature height as Monroe. Taller plants can be placed towards the back.

By considering these key factors and choosing Marilyn Monroe companion plants that match well in terms of seasons, growth habit, colors, textures and heights, you can create an organic, harmonious display in your garden that really highlights Monroe’s natural beauty.

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Top 10 Marilyn Monroe Companion Plants for a Vibrant Garden

There are many beautiful Marilyn Monroe companion plants that offer stunning colors and textures to complement her soft hues. Here are 10 of the best options:

  • Lavender: Its soft purple flowers and fine foliage work beautifully with Monroe. Its long bloom time means lavender Lavandulaoffers weeks of harmonious color.

  • Hollyhocks: These tall spikes of pink, yellow and red flowers tower above Monroe’s delicate presence but don’t overpower her colors.

  • Daffodils: The cheerful yellow daffodil blooms of spring provide a ray of sunshine that perfectly accompanies Monroe’s golden shades. Plant the bulbs in fall for blooms next to Monroe come spring.

  • Coreopsis: These daisy-like perennials come in shades of bright yellow and gold that complement Monroe without clashing. Their finetextured foliage also matches well.

  • Lilies: Lilies come in a wide range of colors that can work beautifully with Monroe, from soft orange to pale pink. Plant bulbs in fall for summer blooms.

  • Baby’s Breath: The small white flowers of baby’s breath add lovely texturalcontrast while filling in any gaps between Monroe’s plants without overwhelming her pastel hues.

  • California Poppies: The orange, yellow and red poppy blooms of spring and summer complement Monroe’s sunnydisposition with vibrantColor.

  • Shasta Daisies: These daisies come in colors ranging from white to pale yellow,offering the perfect partner for Monroe’s soft shades.

  • Cosmos: Available in pink, purple,white and yellow shades, cosmos offer weeks of companion flowers that workbeautifully with Monroe during summer.

  • Daylilies: Daylilies blooms come in a wide range of soft pink, yellow,orange and even a bit oflavender – all perfect colors to compliment Monroe’s color palette.

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Avoid These 3 Plants That Don’t Pair Well with Marilyn Monroe

While most plants combine beautifully with Marilyn Monroe companion plants, some colors and textures clash against Monroe’s soft hues. Here are 3 plants to avoid:

  • Hydrangeas: These popular shrubs come in blue, purple, pink and white varieties. The problem is the bold blue shades of many hydrangea flowers compete against Monroe’s delicate palette. Unless you choose white hydrangeas, they tend to overwhelm Monroe’s presence.

  • Flowering Coleus: Coleus comes in a wide variety of shapes and vivid shades, from deep burgundy to bright blue to rich purple. While very showy, these shades clash strongly against Monroe’s golden yellow and soft pink tones.

  • Hosta: Hosta is a common shade-loving perennial known for its broad, coarse-textured leaves. The dark shades of hosta leaves directly contrast Monroe’s refined texture and lighter color palette. Hosta tends to overpower Monroe rather than complement her.

In summary, when selecting Marilyn Monroe companion plants, avoid any plants with:

  • Competing blue colors that clash against Monroe’s pale shades

  • Overly dark colors that contrast heavily against her lightness

  • Coarse textures that contrast against her delicacy and refinement

Instead, select companions with pale colors and fine textures that highlight Monroe’s natural beauty and grace. Avoid the distracting contrasts created by competing plants like hydrangeas, flowering coleus and hosta, and your Marilyn Monroe companions will truly complement each other in your garden.

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Marilyn Monroe’s second husband was Joe DiMaggio.

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When Marilyn Monroe died, her estate was worth around $370,000.

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Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death was ruled as probable suicide.

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Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926.

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