What Plants Can Be Paired With Ice Plant Jade: Expert Tell You

Enhance the beauty of ice plant jade with complementary plants, create a serene oasis, unleash the power of contrast, and achieve harmonious balance.

Enhance the Beauty of Ice Plant Jade with These Complementary Plants

Ice plant jade thrives in hot, dry conditions so it pairs beautifully with other succulent and drought-tolerant plants that need similar care.The blue-gray color and mounding form of ice plant jade complement different shades of green and spiky or round plant shapes that balance its aesthetic.

 Strawberry ice plant adds **contrasting** strawberry red flowers and a more sprawling habit to catch the eyes between the mounds of ice plant jade. Hen and chicks  delivers similar spiky foliage in a miniature size while aloe vera provides thick green succulent leaves that highlight ice plant jade's pale color palette.Yucca and agave pair well by furnishing an **upright counterpoint**  to ice plant jade's low growing, spreading form.

More comprehensive information and care guidelines can be read here.

ice plant jade, sedum, a close up of a plant with green leaves
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Create a Serene Oasis: Plants That Thrive alongside Ice Plant Jade

Ice plant jade thrives in hot,dry conditions and so does many other drought tolerant plants that can form a relaxing and easy-care oasis when paired together. These plants will require similar levels of care like infrequent watering and thrive in the same hardscape environments with ice plant jade like rock gardens and pathways. Some of the best plant pairings are:

** Agave**: Agave features striking architectural and spiky foliage that contrasts well with the rounded form of ice plant jade. Agave require similar hot and dry landscapes to prosper and form an focal point in the landscape.

Palm trees: Palm trees like pygmy and needle palm thrive in well-drained soil with moderate amounts of water, matching the requirements of ice plant jade. Their trunks provide vertical form and the fronds add tropical flair to the landscape.

Grape hyacinths: When ice plant jade goes dormant in winter, the grape hyacinths emerge and burst with color through spring. Their bright blue flowers complement the blue-gray color of the ice plant jade.

** Lavender**: Lavender bushes thrive in the same poor, dry soil as ice plant jade and require minimal care once established. The fragrant flowers and silvery foliage create an aromatic and calming pairing.

Cactuses: Cactuses are specialized in adapting to hot,dry conditions and require the same kind of neglect that ice plant jade needs. They come in many shapes,sizes and colors to provide contrast to the succulent mounds in the landscape.

ice plant jade, sedum, a group of potted plants sitting next to each other
Photo by Dan Luo / Unsplash

Unleash the Power of Contrast: Striking Pairings with Ice Plant Jade

While complementary plants highlight ice plant jade’s aesthetic traits, pairings with strong contrast in color,form and texture help ice plant jade truly stand out in the landscape. The juxtaposition of mounding,blue-gray ice plant leaves beside tall, spiky red flowers or upright green cactus pads creates visual interest and draws the eye. Some options for contrasting pairings include:

Flaming Katy: The flaming katy produces vibrant red-orange blossoms in spring and summer that provide a jarringcontrast to the blue-gray ice plant jade leaves below.The flowers tower several feet above the comparatively low-lying succulent mounds.

Cacti: Tall cactus like coastal prickly pear or barrel cactus offer pronounced textural and color contrast with their upright spiny pads in greens and sometimes with the addition of bright spines and flowers.

Firecracker Bush: Firecracker bush (Diplopappus) boasts vibrant red flowers in fall when ice plant jade is turning green, creating a strong complementary contrast. The shrub also features feathery gray-green foliage that provides textural variation.

German Statice: Gray German statice will flower at the same time as ice plant jade yet features deep pink and purple blossoms, offering a pronounced color contrast.The flowers also contrast in form, arising as long delicate spires versus the mounded foliage below.

By pairing ice plant jade with plants of strong contrast, gardeners can highlight and emphasize ice plant jade’s succulent form,blue-gray color and low-growing habit for maximum effect in the landscape.

ice plant jade, sedum, a group of potted plants sitting on top of a wooden table
Photo by Dan Luo / Unsplash

Achieve Harmonious Balance: Plants That Bring Out the Best in Ice Plant Jade

While contrasting plants play up the unique qualities of ice plant jade,pairing it with plants of complementary colors and forms can bring out a harmonious balance and aesthetically pleasing relationship. Select plants with the following in mind:

Proportion– Choose plants that are similar in scale or volume to ice plant jade’s mounded form. Dwarf yaupon holly,miniature roses and creeping thyme form mounded shapes close to the ground that are proportional with ice plant jade.

Color– Pair with plants featuring shades of blue,green or gray that complement ice plant jade’ blue-gray color without significantly contrasting.Lavender, mound rosemary,blue fescue grass and blue sage offer similar colors that blend smoothly.

Form– Select plants with rounded,spreading forms instead of vertical spikes to match ice plant jade’s mounding,creeping habit. Russian sage,century plant and bear’s breeches align well in shape.

Timing– Choose plants that flower at different times so that when ice plant jade goes dormant, its companions can provide continuous color and interest.Dwarf abelias, Easter daisies and dwarf crested iris complement ice plant jade in this way.

By following these principles of proportion,color,form and timing,gardeners can pair plants that highlight and accentuate the best qualities of ice plant jade rather than feature it as a contrasting specimen.The result is a landscape where ice plant jade blends harmoniously with companion plants in an aesthetically balanced whole.

ice plant jade, gravel, brown and black dried leaves
Photo by Roel van der Vegte / Unsplash

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