When Was The First Time Marilyn Monroe Dyed Her Hair Blonde: Expert Tell You

Marilyn Monroe's iconic transformation to blonde hair had a profound impact. Experts reveal the secrets and influences behind her famous look. [139 characters]

The Early Years: Marilyn’s Brunette Locks

The young Marylin Monroe had dark brown hair. According to Marylin Monroe’s wikipedia page, Marylin‘s natural color was a medium brunette and she reportedly dyed her hair blonde for the first time at the age of 23.
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A Blonde Revelation: Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Transformation

Going blonde transformed Marilyn Monroe into a Hollywood icon. According to Marilyn Monroe’s Wikipedia page, dyeing her hair blonde for a photoshoot in 1950 marked a defining moment in Marilyn’s career and image. The colour transition helped her get her first serious acting roles and launched her as a major Hollywood star.

The blonde hair suited Marilyn’s sunny and playful personality that she wanted to portray. It highlighted her piercing blue eyes and fair complexion, accentuating her natural beauty.The platinum blonde shade became synonymous with Marilyn and a key part of her sex symbol image.

As a brunette, Marilyn had been a fairly anonymous model and actress. But as a blonde, she stood out from the crowd and captured the public imagination.Her films as a blonde, like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Millionaire, helped establish her as an international sex symbol and iconic Hollywood star.

In summary, dyeing her hair blonde was a transformative decision in Marilyn’s career that:

  • Suited her personality and image she wanted to project
  • Helped her get her first major acting roles
  • Launched her ascent to stardom
  • Established her as a Hollywood sex symbol and iconic blonde bombshell

The blonde hair colour became so identified with Marilyn that it is difficult to imagine her any other way. It was a pivotal part of the magic and mystique that was “Marilyn Monroe”.

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The Influences: Marilyn’s Inspiration to Go Blonde

Several factors influenced Marilyn Monroe’s decision to dye her hair blonde. Chief among these were the iconic blonde bombshells who came before her. According to Marilyn Monroe’s Wikipedia page, Marilyn was inspired by Hollywood legends like Jean Harlow, one of the earliest blonde sex symbols.

Platinum blonde hair was also trending in Hollywood at the time. Many other up-and-coming starlets were dyeing their hair blond to break into films. Marilyn wanted to fit into the aesthetic that casting agents and studios were looking for.

Her movie studio, 20th Century Fox, also put pressure on Marilyn to change her image to appeal to a wider audience. The studio likely saw blonde hair as a way to market Marilyn as a major sex symbol and box office draw.

In summary, Marilyn Monroe’s decision to go blonde was influenced by:

  • Iconic blonde bombshells like Jean Harlow who came before her
  • The blonde trend currently popular among aspiring Hollywood starlets
  • Industry pressures from 20th Century Fox to alter her image to appeal to a wider audience and be a more marketable sex symbol

By dyeing her hair blonde at the advice of her agents and studio, Marilyn Monroe was following a well-trodden path for actresses hoping to make it big in Hollywood. The move transformed her career and image, propelling her to international stardom as the quintessential blonde bombshell of the 1950s and 1960s.

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The Golden Tresses: The Impact of Marilyn’s Blonde Hair

Marilyn Monroe’s blonde hair became synonymous with her image and contributed enormously to her status as a sex symbol. According to Marilyn Monroe’s Wikipedia page, Marilyn’s blonde locks:

  • Became synonymous with her persona and image as a sex symbol
  • Made her stand out from other aspiring actresses of the time
  • Contributed to her screen presence and box office appeal

The bright platinum blonde shade suited Marilyn’s playful personality and made her look more innocent and young despite her mature figure.The iconic hair color became a trademark that differentiated her from other actresses and elevated her to superstardom.

Marilyn’s blonde hair acted as a “lightning rod” that attracted the public’s attention and fuelled the creation of her indelible persona as a sex symbol.Her platinum tresses made her one of the most photographed women in the world and the subject of endless fan obsession.

Her hair color literally lit up the screen and drew the eyes of both male and female moviegoers. Critics commented that Marilyn’s blonde hair was the most prominent feature of her screen image and contributed enormously to her acting ability and sensual appeal.

In summary, Marilyn Monroe’s blonde hair:

  • Literally “lit up the screen” and drew audiences’ attention
  • Differentiated her from other actresses and established her uniqueness
  • Contributed to her screen presence, sensuality and mystique as a sex symbol
  • Elevated her to superstardom by acting as a “lightning rod” for publicity

Without her trademark blonde hair, Marilyn Monroe might have remained just another aspiring actress in 1940s and 1950s Hollywood.The platinum shade played a key role in transforming her into an immortal screen goddess and forever changed expectations of beauty and femininity in popular culture.

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Behind the Scenes: The Secrets of Marilyn Monroe’s Hair Color

Behind the camera, Marilyn Monroe had to work hard to maintain her iconic blonde locks. According to Marilyn Monroe’s Wikipedia page:

  • Marilyn’s natural medium brown hair darkened with age, so she had to dye it frequently to maintain the platinum blonde color.

  • She used special products like ammonia-based peroxide soap and tonics designed for lightening hair color. These products could be harsh and damaging to her hair.

  • Marilyn reportedly washed her hair every day and slept in roller pads at night to maintain the perfect waves that complemented her platinum shade.

  • Marilyn‘s extensions, wigs and hairpieces were also important to creating her signature hairstyle. She often added extra hair to achieve the full, voluminous look that was popular at the time.

  • Keeping up the high-maintenance blonde color reportedly became a source of anxiety for Marilyn. If her roots started to show, she felt it detracted from her image.

In summary, a lot of work went on behind the scenes to create and maintain “the Marilyn Monroe blonde.” Marilyn had to:

  • Frequently dye her naturally darkening hair with harsh products

  • Wash and style her hair daily using special tonics and techniques

  • Rely on hair extensions and pieces to achieve the full, swept-back look

  • Manage the stress and anxiety of keeping her hair color consistent

While Marilyn’s blonde transformation outwardly symbolized glamour and confidence, the reality was that maintaining it required constant effort, time and money. The secrets of “the Marilyn Monroe blonde” highlight how much work often goes into creating an image of effortless beauty.

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Frequently Asked Question

How tall was Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe was 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Who was Marilyn Monroe’s first husband?

Marilyn Monroe’s first husband was James Dougherty.

Who owns the rights to Marilyn Monroe’s image now?

Authentic Brands Group owns the rights to Marilyn Monroe’s image today.

What movies was Marilyn Monroe famous for?

Marilyn Monroe was famous for movies like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Seven Year Itch, and Some Like It Hot.

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