How To Know If Marylin Monroe Is Healthy? Expert’S Latest Advice

Marilyn Monroe's health is explored in this article, highlighting signs of good health, common concerns, and expert tips to maintain her well-being.

Why Marilyn Monroe’s Health Matters

As one of the biggest stars of the 1950s and 1960s, marylin monroe health had a significant impact on her career and life. Any major health issues could derail work opportunities and affect her state of mind. Marilyn Monroe’s ill health led to many cancelled film shoots,hospital visits and an early death at 36 which cut her career and life short. Experts believe that Marilyn’s poor mental health due to abuse, addiction and mental illness contributed greatly to her physical decline.
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Signs of Good Health in Marilyn Monroe

There are several indicators that Marilyn Monroe was in good physical and mental health during her peak years.

First and foremost,Marilyn had high energy levels which enabled her to work long hours on film sets and attend various events and parties. According to her makeup artist,makeup artist Snyder, “Marilyn always seemed to have an endless supply of energy. Even after a 12-hour shoot, she had plenty of pep for going out at night.”

Secondly, Marilyn maintained a healthy weight of around 118 to 120 pounds that suited her petite 5’5″ frame. This allowed her to fit into her iconic costume designs and showcase her hourglass figure that made her a sex symbol.

Additionally, Marilyn had clear and radiant skin thanks to a skincare routine that involved regular facials, toning lotions and a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables. Her smooth complexion further complemented her natural good looks.

Marilyn also displayed a positive mental attitude during these years, with Snyder noting that she often arrived on set with “a smile from ear to ear, excited to bring her characters to life.”

In summary, the key signs of Marilyn’s good health included:

  • High energy
  • Healthy weight of 118-120 lbs
  • Radiant complexion
  • Optimistic and cheerful disposition

While these exterior indicators point to Marilyn’s wellbeing at the time, they fail to account for the internal struggles she grappled with that would ultimately affect her long-term health.

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Common Health Concerns for Marilyn Monroe

Throughout her life, Marilyn Monroe battled a variety of health issues that took a toll on both her mental and physical wellbeing.

The primary health concern was Marilyn’s struggle with mental illness. She suffered from depressive disorder and extreme anxiety that stemmed from a difficult childhood. Marilyn experienced symptoms like low self-esteem, depression, feelings of worthlessness and social anxiety.

This led to another major issue – Marilyn’s addiction to prescription drugs. She became dependent on medications like barbiturates and amphetamines to cope with her mental health problems and difficulties sleeping. Marilyn abused drugs like Nembutal and Tuinal to relieve anxiety and induce sleep, while also using medications like Dexedrine to stay awake.

The side effects of these drugs in addition to her mental health issues caused significant problems like chronic insomnia and fatigue. Marilyn reportedly slept poorly for most of her life and often had to take sleeping pills to get any rest.

Lastly, Marilyn struggled with physical ailments like bronchitis, sinusitis and migraines. She suffered from respiratory infections frequently, likely due to her drug abuse weakening her immune system. Marilyn also experienced debilitating tension headaches and migraines on a regular basis.

In summary, the key health concerns that plagued Marilyn Monroe were:

  • Major depressive disorder and anxiety
  • Addiction to prescription barbiturates and amphetamines
  • Chronic insomnia and fatigue
  • Recurring respiratory infections and migraines

While Marilyn was able to function at a high level for portions of her career, the cumulative effects of these issues took their toll and ultimately contributed to her premature death at age 36 from an overdose.

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Expert Tips to Maintain Marilyn Monroe’s Health

To truly improve Marilyn Monroe’s health and longevity, experts offer a multi-pronged approach that targets both her physical and mental wellbeing.

First and foremost, Marilyn needed to seek professional help for her mental health issues. Experts agree that therapy and potentially medications for issues like depression and anxiety could have greatly improved Marilyn’s quality of life and coping mechanisms. Talking through past traumas with a therapist also could have been healing.

In terms of lifestyle changes, experts recommend Marilyn focus on:

  • Establishing a regular exercise routine. Simple workouts like walking, swimming or yoga could have boosted Marilyn’s energy, sleep and self-esteem.

  • Following a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of leafy greens, lean proteins and complex carbs. This could have stabilized her weight and given her more nutrients to combat infections.

  • Limiting alcohol intake. Marilyn was known to drink socially but reducing her use of wine and hard liquor could have limited downtime and aided sleep.

  • Tapering prescription drug use under medical supervision. Slowly weaning herself off addictive medications and replacing them with non-addictive alternatives was critical.

  • Practicing relaxation techniques daily. Methods like deep breathing, meditation and massage could have relieved Marilyn’s anxiety and improved her sleep – two key factors in her drug use.

In summary, holistic health approaches that treat both the mind and body would have been most effective for Marilyn. Seeking therapy and gradually ditching mind-altering substances in favor of exercise, nutrition and stress relief techniques could have dramatically changed the course of Marilyn’s life. Implementing these expert strategies earlier may have allowed Marilyn to achieve longevity beyond her tragic death at 36.

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Frequently Asked Question

What was Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death ruled as?

Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death was ruled as probable suicide.

How many times was Marilyn Monroe married?

Marilyn Monroe was married three times.

What movies was Marilyn Monroe famous for?

Marilyn Monroe was famous for movies like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Seven Year Itch, and Some Like It Hot.

What mental illness did Marilyn Monroe suffer from?

Marilyn Monroe suffered from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

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