How To Transplante Ice Plant Jade: Best Tips And Advice

Discover the best time, steps, and care tips for transplanting ice plant jade. Ensure a successful relocation for your plant.

Choosing the Right Time for Transplante Ice Plant Jade

Only transplant ice plant jade in spring or fall when the temperatures are mild and the plant is dormant. The optimum time for transplanting ice plant is in early spring, before new growth startsIce plant(link text Ice plant), or in late summer, after it flowers. Transplanting during winter dormancy is also an option, but requires more care since the plant is not actively growing. Ice plant jade is very sensitive to disturbances to its roots while actively growing, so avoiding periods of strong growth is critical for transplant success.
More comprehensive information and care guidelines can be read here.

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Preparing the Ice Plant Jade for Transplantation

It is important to properly prepare the ice plant jade plant before transplanting to reduce transplant shock and ensure a successful move. Follow these steps to ready the plant:

  1. Carefully loosen the soil around the plant roots with your fingers or a gardening fork to expose about 1/3 of the roots. This helps disrupt root bindings that may form in the container.

  2. Gently shake off excess soil from the roots and stem to minimize transplanting soil with the plant. Excess soil can compact in the new location and restrict root growth.

  3. Use pruners to trim any damaged roots or leaves to give the plant a fresh start in its new location.

  4. Place the plant in its new nursery pot or garden location. Be sure the hole or pot is only slightly larger than the current root ball.

  5. Fill in any gaps around the base and roots with potting mix or garden soil. Firmly tamp down the soil to remove air pockets and provide stability.

Proper preparation of the ice plant jade’s root system and foliage will increase transplant success and minimize shock to the plant.

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Transplanting Ice Plant Jade: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps when transplanting your ice plant jade:

  1. Make a hole in the center of the potting mix slightly larger than the plant’s root ball. The hole should be as deep as the root ball is tall.

  2. Place the plant into the hole so the top of the root ball is slightly above the soil line.The main stalk should be positioned straight.

  3. Fill the hole back in with soil, adding and tamping it down in layers. Make sure no air pockets remain around the roots.

  4. When the hole is filled 2/3 of the way, water the soil thoroughly to help settle and saturate it. Avoid getting water on the leaves and stems.

  5. After watering, fill the remainder of the hole and firmly tamp down the soil. The finished soil level should match the original level.

  6. Give the plant a final deep watering and allow the soil to drain.Then use your hands to fluff the soil, creating a soil mound around the base for stability and support.

Following these steps will help your transplanted ice plant jade become established in its new location. Check soil moisture daily for the first week and water as needed.

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Caring for Transplanted Ice Plant Jade: Dos and Don’ts

Follow these best practices after transplanting your ice plant jade:


  • Avoid overwatering. Ice plants are succulents and prefer dry soil. Water only when the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry. Overwatering can easily damage the roots and cause the plant to rot.

  • Be cautious with fertilizer. Ice plants have very low fertilizer requirements and can die from overfertilization. Only use diluted, all-purpose liquid fertilizer sparingly during the spring and summer growth phases.

  • Provide adequate sunlight – Ice plants need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day for healthy growth but too much exposure can burn the leaves. Gradually acclimate the plant to more sunlight after transplanting.

  • Remove dead or diseased leaves to keep the plant looking good and prevent any issues from spreading. Cut stems back to the main branches.

  • Wait 1-2 weeks before watering again to allow the plant time to become reestablished in its new home. Check the soil moisture instead of following a schedule.


  • Don’t water for at least 3-5 days after transplanting to avoid rotting the roots. Ice plants are drought-tolerant and can handle short periods without water.

Proper care and maintenance after transplanting will ensure your ice plant jade thrives for many years. Monitor the plant closely the first few weeks for any signs of stress.

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