What Was Moses’ Sister’S Name Who Watched Over Him: Expert Tell You

Discover the enigmatic sister who protected Moses in his cradle. Uncover scriptural clues and the power of names to unveil her identity and significance. [moses in cradle]

1. The Enigmatic Sister: Who Protected Moses in Cradle?

According to the book of Exodus, after Moses’ mother placed him in a cradle made of bulrushes and hid him among the reeds by the Nile , Moses’ older sister Miriam []watched from a distance to see what would happen. When Pharoah’s daughter discovered the cradle and decided to adopt Moses, Miriam approached her and arranged for Moses’ biological mother to become his nurse, suggesting that Miriam was responsible for protecting Moses in cradle* until the critical juncture where his life could be spared.
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2. Unearthing the Clues: Scriptural References to Moses’ Watchful Guardian

The Bible gives several hints which point to Miriam as the unnamed sister who watched over Moses. When examining these clues in Exodus 2, it becomes clear that Miriam must be Moses’ protector.

First, the passage refers to her simply as Moses’ sister. Miriam is Moses’ oldest sibling and the only one explicitly mentioned as his sister elsewhere in the Bible.

Second, after Pharoah’s daughter discovers Moses and decides to raise him as her own son, Moses’ sister approaches her. The text states:

>“When Pharaoh’s daughter opened it, she saw the baby. The child was crying , and she felt sorry for him. ‘This is one of the Hebrew babies,‘ she said.”
>Then Moses’ sister asked, ‘Shall I go and get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the baby for you?’”

This suggests that Moses’ sister was nearby, observing the situation and ready to approach at the critical moment to make arrangements for Moses’ safety.

Third, Pharaoh’s daughter agrees to Moses’ sister’s suggestion to have him nursed by a Hebrew woman — Moses’ own mother. This implies that Moses’ sister had been protecting him and ensuring his basic needs would be met.

These clues from Exodus 2 point overwhelmingly to Moses’ sister described here being Miriam, which aligns with later biblical passages that identify her as Moses’ protector and older sister.

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3. The Power of Names: Unveiling the Identity of Moses’ Sister

The name Miriam itself provides an important clue to her central role in watching over baby Moses. The name Miriam means ‘their bitterness‘ in ancient Hebrew. This meaning is very fitting for Moses’ compassionate older sister, who soured the plans of Pharoah by protecting Moses and ensuring his safety.

The root of Miriam’s name, maror, can be translated as “bitterness” or “rebellion“. In protecting baby Moses from Pharoah’s genocide decree, Miriam acted in rebellion against Pharoah’s authority in order to save her brother’s life. Her name fittingly captures this key aspect of her righteous defiance.

Hebrew names are often given with significance relating to the characters’ roles in biblical narratives. That the text identifies Moses’ watchful guardian simply as “Moses’ sister“, whereas his brother Aaron is explicitly named, suggests anonymity was deliberately used until her true identity could be revealed through her name.

Once Miriam’s name is disclosed and understood, her essential role in saving baby Moses by providing protection and oversight is unveiled. Her name, ‘their bitterness’, establishes Miriam as the loving older sister who made Pharoah bitter by foiling his plans through watching over the life of her baby brother.

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4. The Role of Miriam: Her Duties and Significance in Moses’ Early Life

The biblical account highlights several crucial responsibilities that Miriam undertook in relation to protecting and raising Moses during his early life.

First, Miriam watched over baby Moses from a distance as he floated in the Nile, ensuring no harm came to him. Only when Pharoah’s daughter discovered baby Moses did Miriam approach, demonstrating that she had been closely monitoring the situation the whole time.

Second, Miriam interacted directly with Pharoah’s daughter by asking if she could find a Hebrew woman to nurse the child. This request suggests Miriam had been caring for Moses’ basic needs and livelihood until that point.

Third, Miriam brought Moses’ biological mother , who then nursed him. By facilitating Moses’ nursing by his own mother, Miriam ensured his survival and upbringing within his own family. This highlights her key role in preserving Moses’ Hebrew identity and heritage.

The biblical account also indicates Miriam remained a protector and caretaker for Moses beyond infancy, as she is later depicted watching over him as a child. Her responsibilities since his birth show Miriam’s early importance and formative role in Moses’ life:

>“Miriam their sister watched nearby to see what would happen to him.” (Exodus 2:4)

Miriam’s duties of overseeing, protecting, and arranging for the nursing of baby Moses — actions that literally preserved his life — establish her singular significance from Moses’ very beginnings as his faithful guardian, confidante and older sister.

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