Who Discovered Marilyn Monroe: Expert Tell You

Who discovered Marilyn Monroe? Learn about the iconic Marilyn Monroe look and the legacy of this legendary star in this expert article.

Early Life and Rise to Stardom

Marilyn Monroe‘s rise to fame began with her discovery by Ben Lyon, a talent scout at 20th Century Fox Twentieth Century Fox.Born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926,she grew up in foster homes and orphanages. Lyon spotted her while working as a factory worker in 1946 and suggested Marilyn change her name.Soon after, Monroe was signed to a film contract and built a fan following through a series of minor roles and publicity stunts that highlighted her beauty before landing her breakout role in 1953’s Niagara. This cemented her status as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and sex symbols.
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The Iconic Marilyn Monroe Look

The unique appearance that defined Marilyn Monroe‘s image as a sex symbol came from a combination of her blonde hair, makeup style, clothes and body language.From her early days as a model in the 1940s,Marilyn experimented with hairstyles until she settled on a platinum blonde colour and coiffed hairstyle that became her signature. She had her dark brown hair dyed platinum blonde by Sydney Guilaroff and styled it in waved curls reaching just above her shoulders.

Marilyn’s makeup always featured red lipstick, pale foundation, rosy cheeks and heavy black eyeliner that accentuated her blue eyes.The bold red lipstick contrasted with her platinum blonde hair and pale complexion, catching viewers’ attention.Her iconic beauty mark on her left cheek added an alluring,imperfect element to her otherwise flawless appearance.

Marilyn’s fashion style evolved over time but always featured figure-hugging dresses and gowns that accentuated her hourglass figure.She favoured dresses in bright solid colours like pink and red with pleated or gathered waistlines and low sweetheart necklines. Her clothes were chosen to make her appear more curvaceous and accentuate her famous assets.

Beyond her styling,Marilyn spoke and moved in a way that exuded femininity and vulnerability.She lowered her voice to appear more breathy and girlish, while walking with graceful movements and swaying hips that looked innocent yet sensual. This combination of styling and body language created the alluring image of a helpless yet desiring woman that would define Marilyn Monroe for generations to come.

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The Discoverer of Marilyn Monroe

Ben Lyon, a talent scout for Twentieth Century Fox , is largely credited with discovering Marilyn Monroe.In 1946,Ben spotted Norma Jeane working in a factory and was immediately struck by her beauty.He arranged a screen test for her and suggested that she change her name to Marilyn Monroe to launch her acting career.

Under Ben’s guidance,Marilyn’s transformation from Norma Jeane into the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe began to take shape.He helped cultivate her new screen image by:

  • Giving her elocution and acting lessons to lower her voice and speak in a more breathy tone
  • Connecting her with makeup artists and stylists to create her signature platinum blonde hair and glamourous makeup look
  • Arranging publicity stunts and photo shoots that highlighted her curves and sex appeal
  • Casting her in bit parts and minor roles to build her fan base and recognition.

Ben played an instrumental role in Marilyn’s early career,seeing potential in her that many others missed.He showcased her beauty and sex appeal while also nurturing her acting talents and confidence. As Marilyn’s fame grew, Ben continued to support and mentor her, showing a paternal care that lasted throughout her career. When asked who discovered her,Marilyn always credited Ben Lyon, saying:

> “It was really Ben Lyon who named me Marilyn Monroe and who believed in making me a star.”

Under Ben’s guidance and confidence in her talents, Norma Jeane was transformed into the world famous Marilyn Monroe , forever cementing Ben Lyon’s place as the man who discovered the eternal Hollywood blonde.

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The Legacy of Marilyn Monroe

The legacy of Marilyn Monroe as one of the greatest cultural icons of the 20th century is unparalleled.Beyond her success as an actress, Marilyn transcended the world of entertainment to become a universal pop culture phenomenon that came to represent glamour, sex appeal, and vulnerability for generations to come.Some aspects of her enduring legacy include:

  • Marilyn’s image as the ultimate blonde bombshell defined the ideal of beauty and femininity in the 1950s and 1960s. Her platinum blonde hair, red lips and curvy figure became the standard of sex symbols for decades.

  • Marilyn symbolized an alluring innocence that contrasted with her obvious sexuality.This juxtaposition of vulnerability and power has fascinated the public since her death.

  • Marilyn continues to be an icon of popular culture, featured in music, art, films and advertising globally. Her image is instantly recognized the world over.

  • Endless merchandise continues to carry Marilyn’s name and image, making her one of the most profitable pop culture brands of all time.

  • Marilyn paved the way for future female stars by challenging stereotypes of how women in Hollywood should behave.She set a precedent for women to own their sex appeal and challenge conventions.

  • More than 50 years after her death, conspiracy theories surrounding Marilyn continue to capture public imagination indicating the intrigue she still holds.

In summary,Marilyn Monroe’s multi-faceted legacy endures because she represented unfulfilled ideals that continue to captivate the human imagination – the desire for innocence, beauty, fame and power; the tension between vulnerability and strength; and the yearning for imperfection amid perfection. As a cultural icon, Marilyn Monroe symbolizes an ideal that cannot be fully realized, ensuring her mystique and allure will last forever.

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Frequently Asked Question

What mental illness did Marilyn Monroe suffer from?

Marilyn Monroe suffered from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s net worth when she died?

When Marilyn Monroe died, her estate was worth around $370,000.

How many times was Marilyn Monroe married?

Marilyn Monroe was married three times.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s measurements?

Marilyn Monroe’s measurements were 35-22-35 inches.

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