Who Put Moses In The Nile River: Expert Tell You

Who Put Moses in the Nile River? Expert theories explore the significance of the Nile, divine intervention, and the biblical account of Moses in the cradle. [moses in cradle]

The Biblical Account of Moses in the Cradle

According to the Bible , moses in cradle was born during a time when the Egyptian Pharaoh ordered that all newborn Hebrew baby boys be killed. In order to save Moses, his mother placed him in a basket made of bulrushes and laid it among the reeds of the Nile river.His sister watched from a distance to see what would happen. The daughter of Pharaoh found the basket and took pity on the baby, deciding to raise him as her own son in the Egyptian court.
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The Significance of the Nile River in Ancient Egypt

The Nile River was of immense importance to the civilization of ancient Egypt. The river flooded annually during the summer, depositing rich silt to fertilize the land and make farming possible. Without the Nile flood, Egypt would have been little more than a desert.

The ancient Egyptians viewed the Nile River as the giver and sustainer of life and referred to it as “Father Nile“. The yearly flood brought not only fertile soil but also an abundance of fish and waterfowls that supplemented the Egyptian diet.

Different areas along the Nile river were used for various purposes:

  • The river banks were lined with communities and cities made possible only by the Nile’s life-giving waters.

  • Fields of crops extended from the river into the surrounding desert, relying on irrigation canals that tapped the Nile.

-Wooded regions along the Nile like among the reeds offered shade, vegetation and hiding places.

For the ancient Egyptians, the Nile River defined their entire way of life and shaped their religious beliefs. They saw the fertile floodplains and dependable flooding as gifts from the gods. The abundance provided by the Nile enabled the rise of Egyptian civilization .

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Possible Theories on Who Placed Moses in the River

There are several theories about who placed Moses in the basket among the reeds of the Nile River:

  • Moses’ mother is the most obvious theory, based on the biblical account that Moses’ mother acted to save her son’s life. She had three months to build the basket and strategically placed him where he would be found.

  • Someone from Pharaoh’s household may have placed Moses there in order to claim him as their own and raise him. Finding an abandoned Hebrew child would have been fortunate for a childless couple.

  • A priestess of Isis, the Egyptian goddess associated with motherhood and fertility, could have placed Moses in the reeds as part of an ancient ritual. The priestess may have been following the goddess’ will in rescuing the boy.

However, none of these theories have conclusive evidence to prove who actually left Moses among the reeds of the Nile River. The biblical account that Moses’ mother placed him there remains the most likely explanation:

According to Acts 7:20, Moses’ “…mother, seeing that he was a fine child, hid him for three months.” She then placed Moses in the basket to save his life, intending for him to be foundby Pharaoh’s daughteras recounted in Exodus 2:3-10.

Overall, the biblical account that Moses’ mother placed him into the Nile to hide him from Pharaoh’s order to kill the Hebrew baby boys has the strongest support due to its presence in the Bible’s historical narrative. Still, other theories remain possible explanations that scholars have considered over time.

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Exploring the Role of Divine Intervention in Moses’ Story

The biblical account of Moses‘ rescue from the Nile River depicts God’s divine intervention at multiple points:

  • Moses’ very survival as a newborn was miraculous. The Bible says that God heard the groans of the Israelite slaves and “remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob.”(Exodus 2:24). His rescue of Moses was the beginning of God’s plan to save the Israelites from Egypt.

  • Moses’ mother’s actions in hiding him for three months and then placing him in the basket among the reeds of the Nile were part of God’s plan. The Bible indicates that God gave her the wisdom to save her son’s life in this way.

-Pharaoh’s daughter finding Moses and deciding to adopt him also appears to have been orchestrated by God. The timing of her arrival at the Nile and discovery of Moses seems to have been providential.

  • Finally, Moses being raised in Pharaoh’s household prepared him to later lead the Israelites out of Egypt. God sovereignly used his upbringing there to shape him for the task ahead.

As Exodus 2:10 states, Moses’ sister told Pharaoh’s daughter,””Take this baby and nurse him for me, and I will pay you.” So the woman took the baby and nursed him.” The original Hebrew uses a word for “her” that refers to God, indicating Pharaoh’s daughter was unknowingly acting on God’s behalf in raising Moses.

In summary, the Bible presents Moses’ rescue from the Nile River as occurring through a series of events divinely orchestrated by God to accomplish His purposes. From Moses’ mother’s actions to Pharaoh’s daughter finding him, God’s hand was at work to preserve Moses’ life and prepare him to become the future deliverer of Israel.

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Moses in the Cradle has broad green leaves with white stripes radiating from the center. The leaves are arranged in a rosette shape close to the ground.

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Moses in the Cradle grows 12-18 inches tall and 12-24 inches wide.

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